Richardson house artwork for real estate closing gift

My latest real estate closing gift – house portrait.

real estate agent closing gift - house portriat

Jack Halliburton needed a unique real estate closing gift for his clients, who I am told were moving from their home after residing there for 40 years. He got in touch with me with a quick turn around in mind and we were able to complete this as a gift for his client last week. This was a challenge because I had to imagine what the trees look like with their summer leaves. Its really cold, dry and brown in North Texas right now so I wanted to do a spring or summer scene instead. The fun part was that this house is in my Canyon Creek neighborhood here in Richardson, TX so I was able to take plenty of reference images for the likeness. Long story short I was able to get this out in time for closing and help with an awesome closing gift for Jack and his clients.

I am told they really loved their gift, I was happy to help with the artwork for their house!

I took a few pictures to illustrate what a 3/4 inch canvas wrap option for what a house portrait as a real estate agent closing gift looks like up close and personal.

IMG_3486 IMG_3487 2

By the way, Jack is a great guy and he really knows the market. Ive been on the corporate seller side and in my experience he is top notch. Click right here to learn more about Jack. Full disclosure he is in our craft beer club and I drink beers with him which is why I know he is a great guy.

Learn more about my custom house portraits as real estate closing gifts here.

And, sidebar – if you are local and like cool people our beer club can be found here!



House Portrait – Austin Area Home

Here is my latest House Portrait – luckily I got to play around with shadows and strong light again this time.  I really enjoy how these turn out when the trees get to shade a pretty good portion of the house portraits paintings.  I did this one as another realtor closing gift in my marathon painting sessions in December.

House Portrait in Austin Area.

Its a bit slow right now so I am working on a few things, mainly a house portrait of my own home (wife’s request) and a series on the historical homes in Plano Texas.  I took a walkabout last summer and have some great reference photographs to do some house portraits of these awesome looking historical homes.

The realtor closing gifts are turning out great and I am having a lot of fun doing these house portraits.  Of course they make great closing gifts, but I wonder if an ambitious realtor could use them as an eye catching way to attract visitors in the print advertising?  I for one would stop and take a second look at if in a direct mailer or online.  I think its an idea worth pursuing but I will need to talk to some more real estate agent friends to see what they think.

So, what say you, would you use a custom painted house portrait in print advertising for a house for sale?  Feel free to comment below.  I am always floating new ideas and I would love to hear from you.


New Digital Painting – Colorado House

New Digital Painting – Colorado House

Sharing some more of my December commissions now that gifts have been given and there are no spoilers to surprises. This is a house portrait, a digital painting of a home in Colorado. I printed this at 24 x 36 on acid free canvas.

Painting of house for Sean and Sarah

I was commissioned to make this for Sean, he gave it to his wife Sarah at Christmas. I told him to send me a bunch of pictures at morning and night, as I wanted a dramatic light source. I really like the trees casting shadow on most of the house, and how the bright light amps up the composition.

He was telling me while I was working on it that his wife keeps talking about how after they take Christmas cards down they will have a big empty wall and need to get something. Well, I think this one did the trick!

A home, hanging in its new home!
I was really happy to create this for them, such great people. If you dig really good music check Sean’s band out here on his facebook page for “The Longest Day of the Year” Thanks for sending me the photo of your artwork hanging Sean!


New Digital Painting – “I love that song” Painting of Couple

New Digital Painting – “I love that song” I had this printed and stretched on a 12 x 18 canvas.

"I love that song" - digital painting by Eric VanSingel
Now that the Christmas rush is over with I will be sharing some of the commissions I did in December. I did this painting of a couple for a dear friend of mine for a Christmas gift. I have been playing with more exaggerated lighting set ups for a while now and this one was really fun to do with the very bright light presumably coming from a bedside lamp. I wanted to keep things really simple and focus on the lighting and the connection between the two.

It is a little different stylistically from some of my other work – I intentionally wanted to keep things loose and not go overboard with rendering/realism. They loved their Christmas gift, I hope you enjoy it too!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all are having a great 2016 so far!


Introducing Gift Cards!

Its just about crunch time for all those Holiday shoppers out there, Christmas will be here before we know it.  I have 5 commissions lined up right now that I am working on, which should take me to just about the Christmas deadline.  I didn’t want to leave anyone out in case I cant fit them in, so I created some e-Gift Cards in the online shop to help out with your gifting needs!  You can order them at 25, 50, 100 and 250 dollars.  The 250 will get the recipient a custom digitally painted 11 x 14 artwork on canvas in whatever subject matter they want.  The lower amount cards can be used to go towards a commission or to buy an existing print.  (stay tuned on that, I am adding prints to the shop each week).

You can check out the gift cards by following this link to my shop


gift card2

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and I wish everyone the best this Holiday season.  The lights are up at the house, and the Christmas Tree goes up tonight.  -and its all painting in between!



Something a Bit Different, Painting of Boutique Store

Completed this painting of part of the inside area of a new boutique shop in Austin late last week.  Austin Agent Heather Morrison approached me a while back with the idea to do the inside of the store.  She represented her clients in the commercial real estate transaction and wanted to give them something nice as a closing gift once the store was up and running.  I have to thank Heather for the awesome idea for this thoughtful gift.

Painting of Boutique store in Austin

I had my work cut out for me this one took a lot longer than I had originally anticipated.  As you know by now I have been doing a lot of house portraits lately and this painting took me back out of my comfort zone a bit.  I love a good challenge and this painting was a pleasure to work on.  I have to admit I was getting a little frustrated toward the end but I got over it, kept going, and am happy with the final product.

This is a good example showing I am not limited to doing commissions for just houses, I enjoy painting all sorts of things from pets, to landscapes, and of course house portraits!

Thanks for reading – considering next week is Thanksgiving and “Black Friday” (no thank you!) I wanted to ask y’all a question – what is your favorite LOCAL small business to shop at?  Show your love in comments for Small Business Saturday!



Closing Gift – North Texas Home

I finished and shipped this closing gift of a North Texas home last week. This was a fun one because I had to sort of wing it and “see through” the boat to create a nice clean painting without the boat in the driveway. I have been busy in the studio so I haven’t been posting some of the latest closing gift paintings I have completed so stay tuned for a few more posts this week.

North Texas house portrait

Reference photo used for the painting

I have also included one of the reference photos to illustrate the before and after in the process. I don’t really need anything fancy or professional, mobile phone pictures or quick snaps can give me most of what I need to complete a custom home portrait. You can read more about the process over here at my closing gifts for real estate agents FAQ.

Thanks to Jeff Gideon for hiring me to create a special closing gift for his client.  I used to work for him back in my REO days, now he is an agent on the west side of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex – if you or someone you know is looking for a home out that way I absolutely recommend using him.  Thanks again Jeff!


Painting of Hill Country Home

I finished this painting of a Texas Hill Country home late last week, but then went out of town to visit family in South Texas. I am back at home today and working on finishing a landscape painting which I hope to post tomorrow. I haven’t done many homes with the tile roofs so this was quite the challenge. It is a really pretty home, really happy with how this one turned out. It was printed on a 7 X 11 canvas – I might have this one printed larger and hang it in the studio.


The week looks really busy ahead but I will be back tomorrow with more to share. Im trying to provide at least a work in progress or new painting each day for y’all to look at. Stay tuned and thanks for coming by!


Creative real estate closing gift – a house portrait

A house portrait for a creative real estate closing gift

I love helping agents with creative real estate closing gift ideas and I am happy to have completed a new house portrait for just such an occasion. This home in Austin has a ton of trees and landscaping which made the painting really fun to do.

Creative real estate closing gift - a house portrait

Realtor, Nikki Tate hired me to complete a painting for the sellers to take with them after they sold their home. She was really great to work with and she tells me the sellers were in her words “thrilled” with the unique and memorable closing gift they received from her.

Hiring me to do a special gift is easy. Go over to my contact form and let me know you are interested. I will ask for a few reference pictures and some an rough idea on how large you want the custom painted house portrait and we can go from there. Don’t know what size? I can help out with that too.  Shoot me a line, I would love to hear from you!


New painting of home in Austin for real estate agent closing gift

digital painting of home in Austin

I got this one in last week as a rush, Austin real estate agent Chris Templeton hired me to do digital painting of his clients new home. I have done some work with him in the past and was happy to take this on as a rush. Below are a few reference photos sent to me.

reference photos of austin home

The references had different angles of the home and it was my job to piece it together to get the whole home in for the new owners. After a lot of drawing and studies I ended up with a pretty good angle and went for it.

I am happy with how this one turned out. The final result was printed on 11 x 14 fine art paper and framed by Chris. I like this presentation a lot, but I also really like printing on canvas as well. Both look really awesome and make a great closing gift.

Interested in hiring me to create a one of a kind painting as a closing gift or just for fun? Please fill out the contact section and I will get back to you quickly.


Painting of Dog in a Co-Op and a few words on live streaming with Periscope and Meerkat

My latest commissioned painting “Dog at the Co-Op” is complete!

Digital painting of Dog in Grocery store Co-Op

The mission was clear, to “paint my pet dog in a grocery store co-op setting with full artistic license.”

I love full artistic license, but sometimes it can be super challenging to get the right composition and this was one of those challenges. No matter, I love painting dogs so it was easy for me to get to work.  I did many sketches and color studies before I ended up with the final product. It is a common misconception that an idea hits and the artist just goes with the first thing and its great right away. This took a lot longer than I thought it might, but that is only because of the work before the work.  Honestly sketching things out and figuring out the challenges before going into a final painting is the most important part of my job.  I have included a few of the beginning stage file showing the color study and composition sketch I used for reference on what the pup, and what the store would look like.

Color Studies and working out perspective for painting of dog

I usually do 3 color studies but when I went with the warm yellows and greens I knew right away this would be the best colors.  I actually had originally started this as a frozen section scene, and was thinking of using a lot of cool blues and greens.

Below, one of the early on sketches to work out what his face and body are going to work out as an anthropomorphic depiction as a dog as a grocer.

One of the early sketches for painting the dog

I had a lot of fun with this one and I am very happy with the final result.  The 24 X 18 stretched canvas is on its way to MN as I write this.  Folks following along know this but I am doing a lot of work right now painting peoples pets in unique situations, and painting homes and architecture – both of these subjects have been a lot of fun and I really see this as the direction for the bulk of my work for a while.

A few words on Meerkat, Periscope, and live streaming.

I streamed some of the live action of the sketches, color studies, and final painting progress on Periscope and Meerkat (these are live streaming apps – you can film and watch on your phone and both are really worth checking out).  If you are not already using these apps I highly recommend downloading them, they are free and I am not affiliated with either in any way other than using them.  What I would like however is if you do download either, please follow me so you can have a chance to see works in progress and my upcoming artcasts.  I am @ericvansingel on both platforms.  Please comment your user name below so I can be sure to follow you as well!  If you don’t want to comment your user name for all to see that  is totally understandable – just comment that you are using it and shoot me an email or follow me in app so I can follow back.  THANK YOU!


Walking tour of Plano Texas Historic Homes – Aldridge, Forman, Wall-Robbins, and More!

Today I went for a little hike around Plano Texas to get some photos of old historic homes for future painting reference.  I have been doing digital paintings of Texas houses lately and I wanted to get some more references for some historic home sites.  Its going to be 102 today so no Plein Air painting today for me!  The first part of the tour had me at the park, which I have been to before.  Pretty nice park, I take Ada to the playground there from time to time – they have an old railroad train car hanging out as you walk in from the west.I got a little side tracked off the map after that, I ended up a bit further north and around a Super 8 hotel which wasn’t exactly the architecture shoot I was looking for.  Back on track I headed east and got to view some really cool homes from the original downtown Plano.

Aldridge Home

Aldridge  house, Plano Texas - photo: Eric VanSingel Aldridge house, Plano Texas – photo: Eric VanSingel

Once back on track I checked out the Aldridge house built in 1907.  This Prairie style building was the home to Charles Aldridge – an important figure in Plano and Texas history.  My child will be attending Aldridge Elementary in the fall – which is the namesake of this gentleman.  He served on the student council, was a banker, land owner, and developed a cotton seed that became very popular for growing in the southwest climate.

Wall Robbins Home

Wall-Robbins Home Plano, Texas - photo: Eric VanSingel Wall-Robbins Home Plano, Texas – photo: Eric VanSingel

After a cool drink of water at the local filling station, I wandered north to the The Wall-Robins house built in 1898.  This is a great example of the Victorian style – one I am very used to seeing up north but rarely here in Texas.  Everything here is so “new”  its refreshing to see a few of these home’s still around.  I wasn’t able to go inside but it is my understanding that it as been renovated in the interior and functions as a wedding and event reception center.

Forman Home

Forman Home, Plano Texas  - photo: Eric VanSingel Forman Home, Plano Texas – photo: Eric VanSingel

My favorites were toward the end and includes the Forman house – built in 1867.  I can’t pin down if this is the oldest standing home in Plano or not, but considering our location 1867 is pretty old.  Best I can tell it is the oldest standing home in Plano but don’t quote me on that.  This Greek Revival style home was originally built on 2,000 acres by Joe and Elizabeth Forman.  Mr. Forman went on to be Mayor of Plano.  It is now a Scandinavian gift shop and cultural center, you can find out more about this home by visiting the history page at the Wooden Spoon.

Roller Home

Roller Home Plano, Texas -photo: Eric VanSingel Roller Home Plano, Texas -photo: Eric VanSingel

It was definitely starting to get hot but when I happened across this home I thought the whole walk was worth it.  The Roller home is a Queen Anne style – built in 1901.  The sun was hitting the yellow paint in a very Edward Hopper sort of way and it really stood out!  The home was built by a lumber dealer A.G. McAdams, and was sold not much later on to Plano Civic leader E.J. Roller.  If you can imagine this, it was sold because the 5 hour buggy ride to Dallas was too long, and too far from town.  Today it takes 20 minutes on 75 or about 40 minutes on the DART rail to get from Downtown Plano to Downtown Dallas.  I think this will be the first one I do for my digital painting of historic Plano Texas homes series.

If you are interested in taking this walking tour yourself, I found this guide on the website.  I used this, the Plano Conservancy website, and the Wells Homeplace website for research regarding historical information in this article.

THANKS FOR READING!  Tell me in comments, what is your favorite historical home where you live?


Digital Painting of Texas Home

I sent this one to the printer today, an 18 x 24 on acid free canvas.  This is a digital painting of a Texas home for a Retired US Army Veteran here in Texas.  It is a painting of his home and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

Digital painting of texas home


Painting of ” Butterfly House ” built by architecture students.

I had the fantastic opportunity to do this painting for a lovely client a few weeks back to celebrate her husbands birthday.  Her husband worked on this home over back in 1997 along with other architecture students at his university.  Its a great back story, the programs purpose is to provide sustainable affordable homes in very rural areas.  They call this one the “Butterfly House” due to the angles the roofline makes, resembling wings.


Butterfly House


I had a lot of fun doing this one as the architecture of the building is very unique – something I am not used to doing.  I also got to play around with the lighting quite a bit and I feel we ended up with a very impactful image.  This was printed on canvas sized at 24 X 36.


Introducing Kevin as Jules, and Ruxin as Vincent Vega – Pulp Fiction Cats

Its no secret I really enjoy painting pets doing goofy things.  This commission came in and I was given full opportunity to pose Bethany’s two pet cats in any sort of environment that would look fun and cool.  I did a few sketches with them on safari, one in a Sergeant Pepper era Beatles regalia, and landed with this parody of one of many iconic scenes from the movie Pulp Fiction.

Vincent and Jules - cats on a mission

Everyone is happy with this turned out.  I sent the order to print and ship today – I think it will look lovely – a Giclee printed on archival fine art paper.  I am working on painting a picture of a clients house today and when that wraps I will be wide open for more commissions.  I would love to do more digital paintings of pets for you – and I think I am on a roll with iconic movie scenes.  Comment or reach out to me if interested!


Showing/Selling Art at Tupps Brewery August 8, and September 12

I will be at Tupps Brewery in McKinney, TX from 11-5 on August 8, and September 9.  The Brewery is participating in Second Saturdays, where Galleries and shops showcase art and stay open late.  I will have a table with prints for sale and sign up sheets for commissions.  Please come enjoy the Tupps Brewery tour, and then come say Hi!  I would love to see anyone local come on out.



An update on the Digital Art Ranch

Hello everyone, Im writing this post to update everyone on some things in the making that has been perpetuating for quite some time now.  As of June 30, 2015 I will no longer be employed with a “day job”.  I am excited to announce I am now ALL IN on making art as a career with the Digital Art Ranch.

As most of you know, ever since I was very young all I wanted to be was an artist.  My parents were supportive, took me and my brother to summer art classes and have encouraged me every step of the way.  I went to Western Michigan University to pursue this passion, and as fate has it I took a call center job in 2003 to pay the bills and never really got back into the swing of things until recently.

After much advances in technology since my years in school I picked up and iPad and started to paint, then graduating up to a Wacom Cintiq.  I could again paint digitally – with much less set up time, clean up time, building canvas time, and the such so I could work make art, and be with my family.  Ive been enjoying some success creating work for fun and sale on the side.  But, it was simply on the side, and updates and works have been sporadic at best.  As I continued to work I knew this is what I wanted to do from here out. 

I must say I do not begrudge my time in the corporate world.  I actually learned a lot and got to know a lot of amazing people.  I learned things about myself, like how much I really enjoy leading a team – contributing to decisions that would help employees, clients and customers.  Turns out, I was pretty good at it.  Some people get all hot and bothered about “selling out” and “working for the man” but I tell you I had an opportunity to work for some of the best people in the industry.  Namely my time at Atlas, working under my boss Patrick – easily the coolest dude in the work force.  We were a small company with fantastic ethics, people, processes and I enjoyed much flexibility to spend time with my family when needed.  It was a unicorn situation, there is nothing else like it, and I am very grateful.

This is definitely a challenging and quite frankly frightening time in my life.  My family still counts on me to contribute to the household – and even though I feel in my heart I am positioned to do so its going to be an unpredictable, uncomfortable run for a while.  My wife is more than the boss, she is the bosses boss.  She has been nothing but supportive and I love her dearly.  The normal thing to do here is look for another square job, and she is backing me 100% to follow my passion, and make this plan a reality.  I can not thank her enough for the support she is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

As I transition I will be updating the blog/news with more work.  I will be much more available to do commissioned paintings and operate on a much quicker turn around time.  I will also be able to spend time with my daughter before she heads to school in the fall.  I have a lot of exciting ideas and am looking forward to spending more time on the craft.

I am 100% in on this and I want everyone to know I am available to create custom digital or traditional artwork just for you.

I am here to help people and share stories in visual form.  I will make paintings of the house you grew up in.  I will paint a picture of a lost but not forgotten music legends.  I will create a label for your most awesome home brew.  I will bring a new perspective on your crazy dog who is always a joker.  I will make paintings of first time home owner’s very first home.  I will make album covers that will visually introduce new listeners to your craft.  I will be part of something you are proud to display for all to see.  I will connect with you in a meaningful way.  I thank you greatly for joining me on this journey – please let me know how I can help you today. I cant wait to get started working with you!


Painting for First Time Home Buyer

I have been working on a few paintings of home buyers new homes – this was commissioned by one of the very best agents in Texas to give as a gift to his client. I was pretty happy with it but seeing it printed and framed was really great. The buyer almost came to tears when he gave it to them. I expect to do many more of these custom pictures of homes!

first time home buyer painting

First time Home Buyer painting


Lemmy, the lute playing French Bulldog (after dutch master painting) is finally done!

Finally completed this one. Pretty happy with it, sorry for the short post but I have been very busy and just didnt want to delay posting this any longer. I plan to post a “making of” article shortly with more information.

digital painting by eric vansingel via

“French Bulldog with Lute” – digital painting by eric vansingel via


Barley, Hops, and Water – an homage to West Michigan craft beer now available as a print!


Barley, Hops, and Water - an homage to West Michigan Craft Beer

Barley, Hops, and Water – an homage to West Michigan Craft Beer

Barley, Hops and Water is an illustration I did for a friend, passionate about his craft beer to incorporate into his logo for his West Michigan Homebrew. A fan of fine Midwestern Beer myself, I had a whole lot of fun with this. The illustration is set up in a Yin Yang Yuan triad to represent the three ingredients in beer.
I have had a lot of people ask for this so I am making it available as a print.  I have made it available on my Society6 page as a Gallery quality Giclée print, or Stretched Canvas.
I will be adding more prints to the store shortly so please check back.  Let me know it comments below if you would like this in different color back grounds – I can customize and upload very easily to tailor to your preference!