House Portraits for Unique Realtor Housewarming Gifts

A work of art can be hung on your clients wall and be enjoyed for a lifetime.  Long after the bottle of wine has been enjoyed, the gift basket consumed, or the gift card exchanged, your client can view your tasteful and unique housewarming gift to them proudly hanging in their home.  This builds positive relationships, and increases the likeliness of referrals and repeat business from your clients!

Painting of house for Sean and Sarah

All artwork is hand painted using the latest in technology.  I do not simply run photos through a magic filter or airbrush existing photos and click print.  I start with a few reference photo’s provided by you, then create sketches of the home and move on to the final painting.  This method creates a truly unique, original, hand made piece of digital art for your client to enjoy for years to come.

digital painting - house portrait of Austin home


A house portrait is the best closing gift!

A house portrait is the best closing gift you can provide your client.  Buying a home for most, is a very emotional process and giving them such a thoughtful gift is sure to please.  Some buyers are finally able to purchase their first home, others are moving up into their “dream home”.  Selling ones home can be bittersweet, providing a house portrait of the home they lived in for years can be something they will cherish for a lifetime.  In an industry where relationship building, networking, and goodwill is critical to success this great real estate closing gift can help you stand out amongst the crowd and build an emotional connection with your clients.  To read testimonials, what others are saying about the realtor closing gifts as housewarming gifts please scroll all the way down if on mobile device or read testimonials to the right if on a computer.

real estate closing gift of hill country Texas home


Experienced with formal Art training and years of real estate industry experience offers a unique perspective for your closing gift needs.

I went to Western Michigan University and received training in fine arts using traditional and digital painting methods.  I left the REO real estate industry mid 2015 to combine my passions for Art and working with real estate agents.  I have been an artist all my life, and have experience in a variety of mediums and techniques to create something very special for your client.  My previous years in the real estate and financial services industry offers a unique perspective and I understand your needs for original, unique closing gifts.  I am a full time artist, which means turn around times can usually be very fast.


Details on the process and what to expect.  The realtor closing gift as a housewarming present FAQ and pricing information for house portraits.

Q:  This sounds great, how do we get started?

A:  Easy, click my contact page here and email me.  I will get back to you very quickly and ask that you send some photos and the size you like.  I will send over an estimate and we can get started easy as that.

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Q:  What kind of photos do you need?

A:  I can paint the house portrait any way you like, but I find that the straight on pictures of the home work the best.  Send me a variety of images that would be suitable to put on the MLS that represents the home and we can pick the exact setting from there.

Q:  Will MLS photos work?

A:  Yes and no.  Sending me a link to the listing helps, and sometimes I will look at the surroundings using google maps.  The copyright laws for derivative works from photo reference can be a bit vague sometimes so please only send me photos that we will both have permission to use.

Q:  Ok great, but what next?

A:  Once we have everything in I can work the house portrait into the commission schedule.  I can usually get started that week.  I will send you an estimate and turn around time.  Once I finish the painting I will send you a “proof” which is just shop talk for me emailing you an image for final art approval.  Once you approve I will send you an invoice and then I will send to the printer.

Q:  How do I pay you?

A:  I have made that very easy – I use online software to send invoicing.  Once we have artwork approval you will get an email from me and payment is easy as clicking payment link in the email.  I use Square for my payment processing and they allow most credit and debit options.

Q:  How will I receive my house portrait painting?  Do you ship or deliver?

A:  I offer free shipping, anywhere in the country.  If you live in the Austin, Texas area you can pick the painting up from my print vendor if you wish.

Q:  What sizes do you offer for the house paintings?

A:  I offer a variety of sizes, but we can make a custom size as well.  I can go as small as 11 X 14 or as large as 36 x 48.  I try to keep sizes to standard frame dimensions so if you or your client wishes the digital painting can be framed with much less cost than custom – non standard sizes.

Q:  How much does it cost to commission an original house portrait painting?

A:  Please see table below for current pricing. 

house pricing 2015

All prices $USD add tax for sales in Texas

Note, all pricing will be honored through the remainder of 2015.

Q:  The prices seem expensive, do you offer less expensive options?

A:  Not at this time.  Remember, this is a custom hand painted digital painting printed using the highest quality materials.  Pricing includes the work leading up to the painting, the many hours it takes to paint, and the material and printing costs.

Q:  So I can have this printed on paper instead of canvas?

A:  Yes – but keep in mind this will be a rolled print – and will require additional framing.  I hope to roll out framing options in mid 2016 but I do not offer this at this time.

Q:  Are the materials you use high quality?

A:  Yes, I only use the best vendors for my printing needs.  I do not use discount online warehouses that offer sub standard inks and materials to save on costs.  Paintings on canvas use Acid free, heavyweight cotton blend and are coated with a non-yellowing UV resistant coating for added protection.  The canvas is stretched on pine wood, and will be ready to hang.  Prints on paper on acid free high quality fine art paper.  All materials and processes meet museum quality standards.

Q:  Tell me more about the printing process, how are the house portraits printed?

A:  Quality is important, so I use a vendor who prints using the Giflee method. Inks are very high quality and the color range is superior to other printing methods.  To learn more about the Giclee printing process please go here.  The custom house portrait paintings are printed in a way that will last a lifetime – and beyond.

Q:  Do you offer custom artwork using more traditional methods?  I want an oil or acrylic painting instead of a digital painting.

A:  I absolutely can create a custom house portrait using traditional paint and canvas.  The turn around time will be much longer, but it is definitely possible.  Please contact me for pricing.

Q:  What if I don’t like it, or I want something changed?

A:  I can make changes relatively easy so don’t hesitate to ask.  I do not charge for kill fee’s so if you simply don’t like it just say so.  I use the honor system here, so if you don’t think you will want it please don’t initiate the order.  (note, I can usually make a revision without a problem, and have done so in the past.  Once we get to 3 times or more asking for changes we will need to re-negotiate pricing.   I have never had anyone not like the final art so I don’t think that will be a problem either).

Q:  What is your turnaround time?

A:  I can usually create final artwork relatively quickly.  The best advice I have for this is to contact me right away – either once under contract or sometime shortly after.  Expect about 7 business days for your clients closing gift to be complete.  This may depend on my schedule however, and I can give you an exact estimate as soon as  you contact me.

Q:  I am on a tight deadline, do you offer rush services?

A:  Short answer, sometimes.  Long answer, it depends on the schedule that week.  If I have committed to other works turn times and can not fit you in we will have to wait for your next closing.  If I have the time, or think I can pull a few all nighter’s to make it happen I will certainly let you know that.  A rush fee in this instance will apply.

Q:  I am new to digital art, how is this original and hand crafted?  What is the difference from  your paintings and photo manipulations or cheaper images I see in art stores or elsewhere online?

A:  I use the photos you send me as reference.  I do not run them through an automated process (called a filter) or manipulate the photo to make it look like a painting.  I create a drawing from the photo and then paint just as I would using traditional painting.  I am simply painting on a screen instead of a canvas.

Q:  How do you paint on the screen?

A:  I use the latest in technology and my traditional art education to create paintings using a computer.  I use a special screen in addition to my computer to paint on.  I am working on demo videos so check back for a more visual description 

Q:  What hardware and software do you use?  (for the tech heads like me out there)

A:  I use a 27 inch iMac running on a 3.5 Ghz Intel Core i7 processor.  Its loaded up with 32 GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card.  I use a Wacom 24HD Cintiq to paint with.  I use Corel Painter X and Photoshop for software when I create digital paintings.

Q:  Great, how do I get started again?

A:  Easy – email me, call me, or use the contact form and we can get the process started!  I hope to hear from  you soon!

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