I create stylized representational paintings that combines my traditional art training with the latest technology to deliver outstanding digital paintings for you.
The subject matter varies but my mission is to create something that is meaningful for YOU. I understand this means something different for everyone and that is why my subject matter varies. Below find a few examples of how I want to help you.
You are a young family, expecting the birth of your first child and have purchased your first home, congratulations! I can create a painting of your home you can hold   onto forever, and pass down for generations to celebrate and remember this occasion.
You are a real estate agent, who wants to give a personalized gift to your client congratulating them on their new home with a landmark, landscape, or painting of   their new city. I can create this for you to provide a memorable and meaningful gift for your special client.
You are an independent recording artist, looking to release a recoding that is very special to you. It took years of work and you care about it deeply. I will listen to you and your music and stay in constant touch addressing what you want and need to create a unique and artful album cover.
You met your husband on a group outing, hiking in Big Bend National Park. You fell in love aside the Rio Grande – I can paint a landscape of this scene that you can cherish for years to come.
You design games, and need a really cool background for your latest board game creation. -I can help you create that by delivering a digital file you can use in your prototype.
The above is what drives me to create. It doesn’t matter if what you need will go in one persons home, or millions of homes it all boils down to creating something meaningful for YOU.