Richardson house artwork for real estate closing gift

My latest real estate closing gift – house portrait.

real estate agent closing gift - house portriat

Jack Halliburton needed a unique real estate closing gift for his clients, who I am told were moving from their home after residing there for 40 years. He got in touch with me with a quick turn around in mind and we were able to complete this as a gift for his client last week. This was a challenge because I had to imagine what the trees look like with their summer leaves. Its really cold, dry and brown in North Texas right now so I wanted to do a spring or summer scene instead. The fun part was that this house is in my Canyon Creek neighborhood here in Richardson, TX so I was able to take plenty of reference images for the likeness. Long story short I was able to get this out in time for closing and help with an awesome closing gift for Jack and his clients.

I am told they really loved their gift, I was happy to help with the artwork for their house!

I took a few pictures to illustrate what a 3/4 inch canvas wrap option for what a house portrait as a real estate agent closing gift looks like up close and personal.

IMG_3486 IMG_3487 2

By the way, Jack is a great guy and he really knows the market. Ive been on the corporate seller side and in my experience he is top notch. Click right here to learn more about Jack. Full disclosure he is in our craft beer club and I drink beers with him which is why I know he is a great guy.

Learn more about my custom house portraits as real estate closing gifts here.

And, sidebar – if you are local and like cool people our beer club can be found here!



House Portrait – Austin Area Home

Here is my latest House Portrait – luckily I got to play around with shadows and strong light again this time.  I really enjoy how these turn out when the trees get to shade a pretty good portion of the house portraits paintings.  I did this one as another realtor closing gift in my marathon painting sessions in December.

House Portrait in Austin Area.

Its a bit slow right now so I am working on a few things, mainly a house portrait of my own home (wife’s request) and a series on the historical homes in Plano Texas.  I took a walkabout last summer and have some great reference photographs to do some house portraits of these awesome looking historical homes.

The realtor closing gifts are turning out great and I am having a lot of fun doing these house portraits.  Of course they make great closing gifts, but I wonder if an ambitious realtor could use them as an eye catching way to attract visitors in the print advertising?  I for one would stop and take a second look at if in a direct mailer or online.  I think its an idea worth pursuing but I will need to talk to some more real estate agent friends to see what they think.

So, what say you, would you use a custom painted house portrait in print advertising for a house for sale?  Feel free to comment below.  I am always floating new ideas and I would love to hear from you.


Something a Bit Different, Painting of Boutique Store

Completed this painting of part of the inside area of a new boutique shop in Austin late last week.  Austin Agent Heather Morrison approached me a while back with the idea to do the inside of the store.  She represented her clients in the commercial real estate transaction and wanted to give them something nice as a closing gift once the store was up and running.  I have to thank Heather for the awesome idea for this thoughtful gift.

Painting of Boutique store in Austin

I had my work cut out for me this one took a lot longer than I had originally anticipated.  As you know by now I have been doing a lot of house portraits lately and this painting took me back out of my comfort zone a bit.  I love a good challenge and this painting was a pleasure to work on.  I have to admit I was getting a little frustrated toward the end but I got over it, kept going, and am happy with the final product.

This is a good example showing I am not limited to doing commissions for just houses, I enjoy painting all sorts of things from pets, to landscapes, and of course house portraits!

Thanks for reading – considering next week is Thanksgiving and “Black Friday” (no thank you!) I wanted to ask y’all a question – what is your favorite LOCAL small business to shop at?  Show your love in comments for Small Business Saturday!



Painting of Hill Country Home

I finished this painting of a Texas Hill Country home late last week, but then went out of town to visit family in South Texas. I am back at home today and working on finishing a landscape painting which I hope to post tomorrow. I haven’t done many homes with the tile roofs so this was quite the challenge. It is a really pretty home, really happy with how this one turned out. It was printed on a 7 X 11 canvas – I might have this one printed larger and hang it in the studio.


The week looks really busy ahead but I will be back tomorrow with more to share. Im trying to provide at least a work in progress or new painting each day for y’all to look at. Stay tuned and thanks for coming by!


Creative real estate closing gift – a house portrait

A house portrait for a creative real estate closing gift

I love helping agents with creative real estate closing gift ideas and I am happy to have completed a new house portrait for just such an occasion. This home in Austin has a ton of trees and landscaping which made the painting really fun to do.

Creative real estate closing gift - a house portrait

Realtor, Nikki Tate hired me to complete a painting for the sellers to take with them after they sold their home. She was really great to work with and she tells me the sellers were in her words “thrilled” with the unique and memorable closing gift they received from her.

Hiring me to do a special gift is easy. Go over to my contact form and let me know you are interested. I will ask for a few reference pictures and some an rough idea on how large you want the custom painted house portrait and we can go from there. Don’t know what size? I can help out with that too.  Shoot me a line, I would love to hear from you!