New Digital Painting – Colorado House

New Digital Painting – Colorado House

Sharing some more of my December commissions now that gifts have been given and there are no spoilers to surprises. This is a house portrait, a digital painting of a home in Colorado. I printed this at 24 x 36 on acid free canvas.

Painting of house for Sean and Sarah

I was commissioned to make this for Sean, he gave it to his wife Sarah at Christmas. I told him to send me a bunch of pictures at morning and night, as I wanted a dramatic light source. I really like the trees casting shadow on most of the house, and how the bright light amps up the composition.

He was telling me while I was working on it that his wife keeps talking about how after they take Christmas cards down they will have a big empty wall and need to get something. Well, I think this one did the trick!

A home, hanging in its new home!
I was really happy to create this for them, such great people. If you dig really good music check Sean’s band out here on his facebook page for “The Longest Day of the Year” Thanks for sending me the photo of your artwork hanging Sean!


New Digital Painting – “I love that song” Painting of Couple

New Digital Painting – “I love that song” I had this printed and stretched on a 12 x 18 canvas.

"I love that song" - digital painting by Eric VanSingel
Now that the Christmas rush is over with I will be sharing some of the commissions I did in December. I did this painting of a couple for a dear friend of mine for a Christmas gift. I have been playing with more exaggerated lighting set ups for a while now and this one was really fun to do with the very bright light presumably coming from a bedside lamp. I wanted to keep things really simple and focus on the lighting and the connection between the two.

It is a little different stylistically from some of my other work – I intentionally wanted to keep things loose and not go overboard with rendering/realism. They loved their Christmas gift, I hope you enjoy it too!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all are having a great 2016 so far!


Introducing Kevin as Jules, and Ruxin as Vincent Vega – Pulp Fiction Cats

Its no secret I really enjoy painting pets doing goofy things.  This commission came in and I was given full opportunity to pose Bethany’s two pet cats in any sort of environment that would look fun and cool.  I did a few sketches with them on safari, one in a Sergeant Pepper era Beatles regalia, and landed with this parody of one of many iconic scenes from the movie Pulp Fiction.

Vincent and Jules - cats on a mission

Everyone is happy with this turned out.  I sent the order to print and ship today – I think it will look lovely – a Giclee printed on archival fine art paper.  I am working on painting a picture of a clients house today and when that wraps I will be wide open for more commissions.  I would love to do more digital paintings of pets for you – and I think I am on a roll with iconic movie scenes.  Comment or reach out to me if interested!