Happy Birthday Luther Perkins – CED 2014 – day 8.

Today is day 8 of the “Creative Everyday Challenge, 2014″.  Where I draw something and post it every day.  January’s Theme is “Past, Future, and present”

This day, in 1928 a man was born whom would change and mold music for many many years.  He shares a birthday with the one and only Elvis Presley – he is Luther Perkins.  the “guitar sound” of the man in black, Johnny Cash.  Im not here to argue who influenced music more or whatever, but I can say with all confidence that this man is critical to rock and roll and country music.  Boom-chicka-boom…

Luther Perkings

Boom Chicka Boom Chicka – Luther Perkins

I decided the last few create every day drawings were a bit too comic like so I went back to some painting roots, fired up Corel Painter X3 and worked a lot more painterly tonight.  Way longer than I should for a simple create every day, but hey.  Hone the skill, create, create, create.  This is the goal.



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