New painting of home in Austin for real estate agent closing gift

digital painting of home in Austin

I got this one in last week as a rush, Austin real estate agent Chris Templeton hired me to do digital painting of his clients new home. I have done some work with him in the past and was happy to take this on as a rush. Below are a few reference photos sent to me.

reference photos of austin home

The references had different angles of the home and it was my job to piece it together to get the whole home in for the new owners. After a lot of drawing and studies I ended up with a pretty good angle and went for it.

I am happy with how this one turned out. The final result was printed on 11 x 14 fine art paper and framed by Chris. I like this presentation a lot, but I also really like printing on canvas as well. Both look really awesome and make a great closing gift.

Interested in hiring me to create a one of a kind painting as a closing gift or just for fun? Please fill out the contact section and I will get back to you quickly.

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