French Bulldog Dutch Master style painting – Lemmy with lute – CED 2014 episode 77

Today is day 77 or so of the create every day challenge 2014.  Where I draw, or paint or digitally paint or do some sort of digital painting or what not every week day of the year.

OK so the peanut is done… now back to something I have been working/thinking about this month.  Lemmy playing some music.  you might remember me kicking this off in episode 67 where I made my french bulldog dutch master painting fashioned after Vermeer.  Well I ended up not liking that pose so I am going with another dutch painter’s style and am working on Lemmy as a lute playing clown.  yeah.

After a few sketches, this is about as far as I am going to get tonight.  so, here is the Lemmy WIP as it stands at 10:43 CST.


The idea here is to re visit a painting from somewhere in time – Circa 1623 to be exact – the reference painting is by Frans Hals, title “Clown With Lute”