peanut in chaps part 3 – character dev… CED 2014 episode 73

Today is day 72 of the create every day challenge 2014.  Where I draw, or paint or digitally paint or do some sort of digital painting or what not every week day of the year.

Still working on this peanut guy for a beer label to get closer to something I am happy with for a final layout.  I have a few more sketches ahead of me.  Backstory?  Peanut in chaps sketches here, and beer drinking peanut in chaps sketch 2 here.  Obviously none of these are finished… its a glimpse into my head and my “sketchbook” on how I come up with ideas.  A lot of folks think that is just BAM draw it once and done but my best things I do are always very well planned out and have a ton of research.  One thing I have learned… be careful with the google search “assless chaps” things go south real quick.  Also, Im pretty sure all chaps are assless.


2 Responses to peanut in chaps part 3 – character dev… CED 2014 episode 73

  1. Jason Kniss says:

    Its amazing what you come up with when I throw out some crazy shit late at night.

    I really appreciate all the work you put into making these awesome labels for my brew.

  2. ericvansingel says:

    Awesome man, you keep brewin I will keep drawin

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