Peanut Drinking a Beer in Chaps is done – episode 75 create every day challenge 2014

Today is day 75 or so of the create every day challenge 2014.  Where I draw, or paint or digitally paint or do some sort of digital painting or what not every week day of the year.

Im sticking a fork in Mr. Peanut drinking a beer in Chaps.  Next steps will be to incorporate into proper sizing and fonts and all that other fun stuff to complete the beer label.  Ile work on that tomorrow and post accordingly.  Sort of handled the daily art thing a bit differently this week… let me know if you like seeing the work in progress stuff instead of sketches and more “completed” drawings daily in comments.  Also, check out the progress on this chap, from the start sketches of peanut for beer label here to the developing beer drinking peanut here or to the initial sketch for the final peanut in chaps right here.  Or just scroll through the blog.  Ok thats it for the night.  I am going to go find some beer nuts and have myself a brew.

Peanut Drinking a Beer in Chaps

Peanut Drinking a Beer in Chaps

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